Kindergarten Newsletter

April 18, 2022

By Kindergarten Team
April 18, 2022

Hello families!

Report Cards will be coming home this week.  Just a reminder that some standards may have a “NT” or “NA” next to it.  “NT” means not taught, while “NA” means that something was introduced but not yet fully assessed. There also might be some changes from last quarter with a student’s grade because the standards increase in difficulty at this point in the year. Especially Language Arts and Math. (Example: end of quarter 2 students are assessed counting to 31 and end of quarter 3 is counting to 100)

For more information you can also check out this link that will take you to the FCPS page about Elementary School Grading and Reporting.   If you have additional questions after you receive the report card, please feel free to reach out directly to your child’s teacher.   

The Kindergarten Team

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Last week students started a new unit all about Research! Specifically, students will spend the next 3 weeks researching a community job and creating a poster about what they learned. 

  • Researchers are curious and ask questions about what they already know or a part they’re interested in. 
  • Researchers explore resources to find out information from books, videos, and people.
  • Researchers talk with partners to help each other develop questions to research. 
  • Researchers use text features (captions, labels) to locate answers to their questions. 
  • Researchers use all information on the page to learn as much as they can.
  • Researchers sketch and jot notes to help them learn and remember new information.
  • Researchers teach others about a topic in different ways (e.g., books, posters, videos, exhibits). 
  • Researchers break their topic into smaller parts by writing about

Home/School Connection

  • Sight Word Practice: Continue to practice reading and writing these words at home!



































  • Include some Nonfiction in your readings at home. 
  • Pick an animal to learn about together. 
    • Have your students take “notes” as you read. (notes can be words or drawings)
    • Create a poster with the information you have learned. 
    • Don’t forget to include various kinds of sources when doing research. Sources could be print (books) or media (online sources). 
    • Check out the Terraset Student Links for additional online sources!


What are we learning?

We will be completing our next two units, Data and Analysis and the Calendar! In these units we will…

  • Collect, organize, and represent data
  • Read and interpret data in object graphs, picture graphs, and tables
  • Investigate the passing of time by reading and interpreting a calendar

Home/School Connection

  • Create a graph of the different colors you see in your room, each time you see that color on an object, make a tally mark to represent 1 item 
  • Make a picture graph using M&Ms or Skittles! Take a handful or small pack of the candy, write out the possible colors within the pack, then organize them to show how many of each color the candy has
  • Questions to ask about your graph:
    • How many _____ are there?
    • Which section has the most?
    • Which section has the least?
    • Which has more, ____ or ____?
  • Set an alarm and each time the alarm goes off, have your child write down what you are doing at that moment! 
  • Tell the students the daily schedule and then ask them to repeat! 
  • Ask students what the day of the week i, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow is!

Science/Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • Students will investigate and understand the materials can be reused, recycled, and conserved.

Home/School Connection

  • Celebrate Earth Day (Friday, April 22nd)  and Arbor Day (Friday, April 29th)by going on a walk and picking up trash or maybe plant a new tree.
  • Be in charge of recycling at your home.  How many different ways can you sort your recyclables?
  • Take an item that you no longer use and see if you can upcycle it and make it into something new.

Class Compliments

  • Miss Matthews would like to give a “shout out” to the entire class!  You did an AMAZING job being “First Graders” for the day!  Keep it up!
  • Ms. Powers and Mrs. T wanted to thank Mrs. Robin for coming in to share about what it is like to be a veterinarian! We had so much fun learning about what she does! We cannot wait to do more research about veterinarians!
  • Mrs. Bender and Mrs. Santoro would like to recognize the class for all their hard work and focus during our learning rotations. Each student has shown an enthusiasm for learning and trying their best!
  • Ms. Johnson and Mrs. B’s class is super excited to start our research project on community helpers.  We love to see your love of learning!

Positivity Project

What are we learning?

  • Positivity Project (P2) for the week of April 18-22 is Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
  • Positivity Project (P2) for the week of April  25-29 is Purpose

Home/School Connection

  • Spring is a great time to get outside and appreciate the beauty all around us! 
  • Make a list with your child about the groups they are a part of (family, friends, school, etc.). How do they help those groups? How do those groups help them?

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, April 28: Miss Matthews and Ms. Powers’ class field trip to Walker Nature Center
  • Thursday, April 28: Terraset Talent Show 6:00pm-8:30pm
  • Wednesday, May 4: Mrs. Bender and Ms. Johnson’s class field trip to Walker Nature Center
  • Wednesday, May 11: 6:30-7:30pm, Terraset’s Cuddle Up and Read event.  Come get your new, free books and learn how to help your child become a life-long reader.  Beginning now, please send in pictures of your Tiger reading, (the cuddlier the better) gently used magazines for kids and grownups, and gently used blankets all of which will be used at the event.  Thank you!!

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