Specialists Newsletter

January 11, 2022

By Specialists Team
January 11, 2022


All grades will be doing some painting in the next few weeks. We have smocks available, but please make sure your students are not in their best clothing on art days.


All students will be finishing up their 1st semester units related to their projects in LTC.  2 AND 4 Gr will be assessed on their class work and participation. Grades 3-5-6 have been working hard creating their own projects with all they have learned in Spanish. Most students already presented and submitted before Dec. 17. This following weeks’ work (using different language skills such as reading, writing, speaking, understanding, and listening in different activities) before 2nd Q is over, will count for their report cards progress, too.


Grades K and 1 will continue with the Kimochis program.  Grade 3 will cover Good Manners and grades 4 and 6 will cover the 2nd of the triad of Sexual Harassment lessons.  Next week is Black week so only grades K and 1st will be seen by the counselors for classroom lessons.

The Fish Bowl- Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades

I am so excited to have students back from our extended break. To support our Critical and Creative Thinking Strategy of the month, Kindergarten is working on encapsulating fairy tales.  1st grade is coming to the conclusion of the M2 unit, Exploring Shapes, by playing a shape attribute game called Grupo and writing about their thinking. 2nd grade continues to work on their Tour of the Continents Ozobot project.