Learn about school-sponsored and PTO sponsored activities

Activities Sponsored by Terraset

Terraset offers a variety of activities for the enjoyment, growth, and enrichment of our students.

Safety Patrols

Safety Patrols play a vital role in daily life at Terraset, helping to keep the school a safer place for everyone. Fifth and sixth-grade students are selected and assigned to positions within and outside of the school building, on school buses, and at school crossings.

Outdoor Learning & Green Team

Terraset's unique building has allowed us to expand learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Using the green roof and multiple outdoor gardens, teachers are able to engage students in hands-on learning experiences outside. Our Outdoor Learning Coordinator, Jann Canestra, works with teachers and students to integrate these hands-on learning experiences into curricular unit plans across many subjects.

The Green Team leads Terraset in adopting more environmentally responsible practices. The fifth and sixth-grade students and teacher volunteers work together to implement new initiatives like recycling and gardening. The Green Team organized their first Farmer's Market, held in June of 2017, to showcase their gardening and recycled projects. We are looking forward to making more "green" changes at our school and continuing our efforts to save the environment!

Student Ambassadors

The Terraset Student Ambassador program is our student leadership group. Fifth and sixth-grade students apply and interview each spring. Selected students organize service projects and spirit days to unite and engage the Terraset community. Led by their advisor, Diane Standiford, students explore leadership skills like public speaking, and learn about leadership at the government level. 

Morning News Show (WTER)

WTER is Terraset's student-run morning news program. It airs live every day on our closed-circuit channel at 9:20 a.m. Sixth graders apply for on and off-camera positions and participate in the planning of the daily show.

The crew members operate our two cameras, computer, teleprompter, green screen, and audio/digital video mixer. News anchors lead the Pledge of Allegiance, deliver announcements, and lead on-camera interviews with guests. Students plan interactive additions to the show like Fun Fact Fridays, and feature students during the "Wow You Did That?!" segment. WTER is our favorite way to start the day at Terraset!

Band, Chorus and Strings

Students in fourth through sixth grades have the opportunity to participate in a band, chorus or strings class to supplement their music instruction during the day. The program begins in fourth grade when students have the opportunity to choose a strings instrument. In fifth and sixth grades students have the additional options of choosing band and chorus.

Activities Sponsored by the PTO

The Terraset Parent Teacher Organization organizes many before and after school clubs for students. Whether you are looking for sports, arts and crafts, technology, science or hobbies, there's something for everyone!

The PTO will advertise registration and fees on their website and through their News You Choose newsletter.