5th Grade Newsletter

May 16, 2022

By 5th Grade Team
5th Grade
May 16, 2022

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • All students have been assigned a book to read in their book club during Language Arts. Students read and make notes, then come together to discuss their reading as a group. 
  • Students will be using the second half of our Language Arts blocks to research and write for their GATP Projects.

Home/School Connection

  • Encourage your children to keep reading at home most nights of the week

  • Start to think about summer reading..

    • a book club with friends?

    • Library visits?

    • Family reading time?


What are we learning?

  • We are finishing Data and Probability and will test this week. Students have been challenged to create a probability carnival game and will present their work this Friday, May 20. 
  • We plan to review Fraction and Decimal Computation, big concepts from 5th grade, in order to prepare students for 6th grade math next year. 
  • AAP math is spending some time thinking about sequences and patterns in math and making connections to other areas( science, art) 

Home/School Connection

Graphs and charts can be deceiving, share examples and talk about how they may be skewed for marketing  purposes.

Take a look around , what patterns do you see ? In nature, in architecture?


What are we learning?

  • We are reviewing all 4th and 5th grade science concepts throughout the year.

Home/School Connection

  • Students can play review games on SOL Pass in order to study for our upcoming Science SOL this Thursday, May 19.

Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • For the last month of school, 5th graders are working on their Global Awareness Technology Project (GATP). Their ultimate goal is to research and create a google website to exemplify their understanding of the interrelationships of ancient and modern day culture.


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