4th Grade Newsletter

May 16, 2022

By 4th Grade Team
4th Grade
May 16, 2022

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Understand the components of fiction (setting, characters, plot, theme, problem, solution)
  • Create a fictional story using all elements of a story
  • Explore test taking strategies such as slash the trash, reread the question/passage, look at context clues to discern the meaning of a word

Home/School Connection

  • Identify key elements in a story, show, and/or movie. Investigate how a character can choose a variety of different solutions to a problem.
  • Discuss how the setting (time, seasons, year, place) can influence fiction
  • Highlight important or unfamiliar vocabulary and use strategies such as context clues and glossary search to better understand the text


What are we learning?

  • Determine elapsed time
  • Analyze and interpret bar and line graphs
  • Determine the probability of events based on possible outcomes
  • *************************************************

  • compare the value of fractions and to place benchmark fractions on a number line
  • graph the data
  • Determining the Likelihood of Outcomes
  • Using Fractions to Calculate Probabilities

Home/School Connection

  • Discuss the best unit for measuring different things- when to measure with inches, pounds, or kilometers. 
  • Practice telling how much time has passed or what time it will be in ___ hours and ___ minutes. 
  • Discuss the likelihood of events using probability vocabulary: certain, likely, equally likely, unlikely, and impossible
  • ******************************************

  • Play games with probability 
  • Make predictions and see how you did


What are we learning?

Science is:

  • avoids bias
  • is predictable
  • a social activity
  • demands evidence
  • a blend of logic an and imagination


And finally: 

  • Realize scientific ideas are subject to change
  • The natural world is understandable

Home/School Connection

  • Explore new ideas and let the kids “play” with cooking, nature, and concepts as they investigate their world!

Social Studies

What are we learning?

Students will

  • discover how technology and innovations continue to grow and change over time
  • Focus on the ideas and actions of people and groups have consequences and can shape events
  • Discuss how conflict has consequences on culture, society, or a group of people
  • Investigate how people respond to and resolve conflicts in many different ways
  • understand cause and effect can help people solve problems and make decisions.
  • realize that knowledge of the past helps us understand the present and make decisions about the future.

Home/School Connection

  • Share your own stories of acceptance and overcoming adversity
  • Look for ways to support the community we live in
  • Share in local cultural celebrations
  • Find ways to give back that your student can really support

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