2nd Grade Newsletter

May 16, 2022

By 2nd Grade Team
2nd Grade
May 16, 2022

Language Arts

What are we learning?

Our 2nd graders are so engaged in their research! As researchers, students are learning to:

  • Ask questions about a topic and use nonfiction texts and text features to answer their questions.
  • Read multiple sources to collect information about a topic.
  • Think about what information is useful to them and what information they don’t need.
  • Use their own words when taking notes and writing about their topic.
  • Make choices about how they want to share what they have learned in an engaging way.
  • Use their own words when taking notes and writing about their topic.

Home/School Connection

Summer Reading!

Our 2nd graders have made so much growth this year. It is so important for them to maintain their reading skills and stamina in the summer. Here are some ideas to encourage summer reading. 


  • Plan reading time into your daily schedule. Some days your child might read independently or you may prefer to set aside family time for reading together!
  • Talk about books! Spend time talking about the books your child is reading and the connections he/she is making or how he/she is feeling about different parts of the book they are reading.
  • Connect children to their favorite authors! Kids can check out a favorite author’s website, and sometimes they can email or tweet the authors. Also, many of the author’s websites include great resources including information about their writing process, why they wrote the book, and more!
  • Series books are a great choice because the recurring characters and structures make them easier and fun to read and encourage more reading! 
  • Pioneer Valley  will still be available. This is a great resource for students to read books at their independent reading level!


What are we learning?

  • We will be continuing to work within our time and money unit! 
    • We will work on counting and comparing a collection of coins whose total value is $2.00 or less.
    • We will work on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes on an analog and digital clock.
    • We will work on identifying dates.

Home/School Connection

  • Have your student count coins at home! 
  • Have your student skip count off different numbers.
  • Have your student count change from around the house.


What are we learning?

Second Graders are continuing to explore and investigate the reason plants are important to the life cycle.

● plants are important natural resources and can affect the development of geographic areas

● plants are used by many animals for oxygen, homes, shelters, and food 

● humans can have positive and negative impacts on habitats and the plants and animals living there

Home/School Connection

  • Help your student plant some seeds. Have them keep a chart on the growth of their plants.

Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • Our students are continuing to learn about the important developments and innovations in the United States related to communication and transportation
    • Technology and innovations continue to grow and change over time. 
    • Some things change over time, while other things remain the same

Home/School Connection

In what ways does technology change over time?

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