1st Grade Newsletter

February 23, 2021

By 1st Grade Team
1st Grade
February 23, 2021

Language Arts

What are we learning?


  • Respond to a variety of poems through movement, performance, or participation in order to discover their personal interests and tastes in poetry.
  • Through multiple readings, readers explain their personal interpretation.
  • Determine whether they agree with the ideas in the text.
  • Poets use tools (rhythm, repetition, line-breaks) to express feelings and experiences.
  • Use multiple sources of information in order to solve, monitor, self-correct, and confirm.
  • Use known words and word parts to read new words.

Home/School Connection

  • Write a poem about your favorite color.
  • Listen to some poems from this MyOn book Pucks, Clubs, and Baseball Gloves. Write a poem about your favorite sport.
  • Create an illustration and write a poem about it.


What are we learning?

Addition and Subtraction Part 2 

  • Create and solve single-step story and picture problems using addition and subtraction within 10.
  • Recognize and describe with fluency part whole relationships for numbers up to 10.
  • Demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction within 10.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of equality through the use of the equal symbol.

Home/School Connection

  • Play Dinosaurs in a Cave. Get a couple of legos, blocks, or something small to fit underneath a cup that you cannot see through. Put some blocks outside of the cup and some inside of the cup. Tell your first grader how many there are all together and let them see how many are outside of the cup. Ask them how many are inside of the cup without showing them.


What are we learning?

Living Things

  • Animals need adequate air, food, water, shelter, and space (habitat)
  • Animals, including humans, have many different physical characteristics
  • Plants and animals can be classified according to a variety of characteristics
  • Plants need nutrients, air, water, light, and a place to grow
  • Plants have parts with specific functions
  • Changes in temperature, light, and precipitation affect plants and animals, including humans

Home/School Connection

  • Take care of an indoor or outdoor plant! See what happens when you give a plant everything it needs (sun, water, air, space, and nutrients)

Social Studies

What are we learning?

Being an American: Courage

  • Apply the traits of a good citizen, on and offline, by:
  • Focusing on fair play, good sportsmanship, helping others, treating others with respect
  • Recognizing the purpose of rules and practicing self-control
  • Describe and make connections to the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Home/School Connection

  • Discuss the importance of President’s Day. Talk about why and how you can celebrate.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Asynchronous Work Days - March 1st, March 4th, March 5th, and March 8th
  • Meet and Greet - March 5th at 3:30pm (look for an email from your new or existing teacher)
  • 100th Day of School - March 3rd
  • First Day for In-Person Students - March 9th

Positivity Project

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