Specialists Newsletter

February 9, 2021

By Specialists Team
February 09, 2021


  • We are hoping to have art supplies available for pickup on Monday 2/22.. We will be distributing modeling clay in K-3, fiber art materials in 4th and 5th and watercolors in 6th. Details to come.


  • This week we are finishing up Unit 7: Improvisation and Science of Sound.

  • K-2nd Grade has been practicing improvisation using their voice and body percussion, as well as creating movements/dances. This week we will improvise using instruments, so if you have any instruments at home, please allow your child to bring them to their learning space. If they do not have an instrument, they will use an online/digital instrument. You could also watch the video on this choice board on how to create an instrument at home!
  • 3rd - 6th Grade has been listening to famous jazz pieces and practicing improvisation through singing, body percussion, body movements and recorders (3rd & 4th). Students are also exploring the science of sound by using the Seeing Music website and visualizing different sounds as waves.


From this week we are starting little by little with our new projects per grade level.

1 calendar routine

2 Food

3 Cycles in our lives

4 Body of water

5 Oceans

6 Ideal eco friendly school

Physical Education

  • In PE K-2 students continue to work on Teamwork.  We will be working on throwing and catching over the next few weeks along with some fun challenges.
  • In Grades 3-6 students are learning about the 5 components of fitness, including a plank challenge for Muscular Endurance, Conflict Resolution, and Staying Safe online, and in the Community. We will work on throwing activities along with some fun challenges over the next few weeks.