Tigers Making Waves

By By Lauren Boyd and Suzanne White
July 19, 2022

photo of suzanne white leading a line of studentsThis summer, Terraset Tigers are making waves in the neighborhood pool. The “Summer School & Pool” program has created a new opportunity for fifty rising K-7 Terraset students to learn how to swim and enjoy time in the water. Led by Terraset’s math resource teacher and local Reston resident, Suzanne White, the program is the product of a close partnership between Terraset, FCPS, and the Reston Association. Funding for the program was provided by Friends of Reston, an organization that performs educational and charitable projects in support of Reston Association, as well as individual donations. Students are provided FCPS bus transportation home each day.

photo of students holding up a towel that says tigers making wavesOn Tuesdays and Thursdays, participating students from Terraset’s SOAR and Young Scholars summer programs make the short walk to the Ridge Heights pool together, armed with the tote bags, towels and goggles that were provided in the program. After a swim test on the first day, in which 38 of the 50 swimmers were identified as new to the water, students were placed into groups and now rotate through stations each session -- swim lessons, practice, and free swim. In addition to the three swim instructors and lifeguards provided by Reston Association, Terraset staff and community members provide three volunteer chaperones each day. This unique partnership is helping bolster the community's water safety skills and building confidence in our students, all while giving them the opportunity to have some classic summer fun!