Tiger Talks

Issue 6

By Arranged and Managed by Brooke and Mrs. Forman
Tiger Talks
March 01, 2021

Things to do During the Quarantine

By Brooke

Hey tigers! Ever been bored during the quarantine? Wondering what to do? Well, I have some tips for you! Friends will keep you laughing and having fun all day long. Be sure to call and talk with them often, have movie nights, play games, and just have fun! You can meet them in person if you decide on a location and time, remember to wear masks! Another way to keep busy is to participate in fun activities. These include any school activities, sports, clubs, and anything else your community is offering in these times! Learning an instrument during the quarantine can keep your brain sharp and you will have tons of time to practice it! Finally, get outdoors. Even during the quarantine, you can play outside with people in your “bubble”, and when you go far from home be sure to bring a mask. That’s all for today, bye tigers!

Computer Customization- Bookmarks & Folders

By Leah

This week on… BACKYARD ANIMALS!!!

By Sebastian


You are walking in the woods, a scream echoes through the night. 

A fox is near. Foxes scream because they are trying to get a mate, they also scream to protect their babies. There are many more reasons why they scream, But that would be a long list, so let's get on with this.  

Facts! A group of foxes is called a skulk.  Grey foxes can retract their claws like cats do. Foxes have whiskers on their legs and face, which help them to navigate.


Did you know that chipmunks can talk???
They might not sing like Alvin and the boys, but wild chipmunks do vocalize... Chipmunks will even make calls in a chorus composed of several of the little rodents.

Chipmunks also communicate using body language when they encounter other chipmunks... In nonaggressive encounters, such as mating, chipmunks touch noses and sniff each others' cheeks and necks.                    

Fun Facts

1) One tiny chipmunk can gather up to 165 acorns in one day.   

2) Chipmunks have pouches inside of their cheeks in which they store food when foraging. 3) The main entrance of a chipmunk burrow can extend up to 20 feet in length.

Catch up next time on…



Cool Crafts to do at Home

By Connor

 Hello everyone, welcome back to cool crafts to do at home. I have a craft to make a fire breathing dragon! The materials you will need are one toilet paper roll, construction paper (green, red, orange, and yellow), googly eyes  pom poms, glue, and scissors  

1.) Wrap your toilet paper roll in construction paper and cut off the extra paper.

2.) Glue pom poms on the back of the head.

3.) Glue googly eyes on the pom poms, facing towards the front of the head

4.) Glue 2 pom poms in the front for his nose.

5.) Cut up red, orange and yellow paper then glue it in the roll to look like fire.

You made a dragon! Bye tigers!!!!!!!!

The Unique Okapi

By Sasha

okapiThese strange mammals are the only living relative of the Giraffe! 

 As you can see in the picture, Okapis look like a zebra/deer mix. They are native to the Ituri Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Okapi has a signature look, zebra legs and deer torso with a mixed head. Something you would not have guessed just by looking at it, is that they have thick, dry, oily fur that helps it stay dry in the rain.

Okapis are herbivores, which means their diet consists of plant based foods, no meat. They eat: fruits, buds, leaves, twigs, and more. Like their Giraffe cousin, they have four stomachs. An Okapi can consume 40-60 pounds of a food a day! 

Okapis tend to prefer being alone during the day but will occasionally come to groom and play with others.

A mother Okapi can have one calf at a time. Baby Okapis can stand within 30 minutes of being born, that's a lot faster than a human being!

They have scent glands on the bottom of their feet that alert other Okapis that another Okapi has been there.

A big danger for baby Okapis-calves-and adults, are leopards who will prey on them for meals.

   Sadly, there are roughly only 25,000 Okapis left in the world! Let’s save these Okapis!


By Isabella

Ever wanna have a moment where you can get away to a peaceful place for only a second. Ask a friend or family member to read this section to you aloud; hope you enjoy!

You walk out of your hotel, feeling the cool breeze of the ocean, while gazing into the sky with tips of palm trees slowly waving. Seagulls above your head gracefully fly through the crystal blue sky. You continue your walk to the beach when you reach the start of sand, as you find a spot to place your towel, you can feel the sand in between your toes with seashells mixing in with the beach floor. You lay down your striped blue towel, and sprint to the ocean blue water with a big smile on your face. The small waves rush to your feet tickling the tips of your toes, and you walk deeper into the ocean and float on your back. After 10 minutes of relaxing you hear the ice cream cart, you swim back to the shore, dry off with your sun-warmed towel, grab your wallet and order a vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate fudge on top. As you lick the fudge and manage to get some ice cream in the bite, you lay down on your towel. You never want this day to end!



By Zoey

Hi! The platypus is a mammal only found in Australia and is also known as the duck billed platypus. Did you know that they have venom? Platypuses are a cool animal with a tail like a beaver, a furry body like an otter, and a flat bill and webbed feet like a duck. They have to keep swimming to stay underwater. When they swim, skin covers their eyes and ears, their nostrils are also closed with a watertight seal. They use their front feet for paddling and use their back feet and tail for steering. They can stay underwater for two and a half minutes at a time to find food. They store food in their cheek pockets until they can get to the surface. Well, that’s all for now. Hope you learned a lot about platypuses!  

By Annaleigh

photo of stony man

That's me on the top of Stony Man.

Hi! Have you ever been to Shenandoah national park? I have, so I am going to talk about some of the things they have there. One of the things they have there is mountains. One of the mountains they have there is Stony Man. The mountain is called Stony Man because it has a lot of stones. You can hike up to the top of the mountain. I got to sit at the tippy top of the mountain. And I saw the view from below. They also had overlooks. So you can stand there and see most of the park or a lot of it. And you can drive around the park.

By Mimi

Hi, here are things to do if you are stuck  at home! One thing that you can do is take a walk or bike with your family. Another thing you can do is make a cozy spot or a fort and read a book. Something else you can do is do art and crafts, they are fun to do and you get to have something afterwards. Last but not least you could do a puzzle, it challenges your mind and it feels great when you complete it. I hope there was something in there that you will try, bye tigers!

Teacher Interviews

Mr. Andert

Teaches- Music

Q- What is your favorite animal?

A-Dogs. However, I've recently become fascinated with the Platypus. Did you know they are the only mammal that lays eggs; the males have a venomous spur on its back foot; and its fur glows under UV light?? Weird and incredible!

Q-Do you have any kids

A- I have two sons, Austin (6, in first grade) and Atley (4, in Pre-K). 

Q-What is your favorite country/city/town and why?

A-It's hard to choose just one. I visited Australia when I was 13 and that was amazing. I also love Kalamazoo, Michigan where I went to college. I have lots of great memories there. 

I miss making music with all the students at Terraset, and can't wait to be back together soon.

Miss Matthewsmatthews

Q- What is your favorite animal?

A- Hippos

Q- What is your favorite country/city/town and why?

A- That's a hard one because I love to travel! My favorite would be any place with a beach like Kill Devils Hills, NC or Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Q- How long have you been teaching?

A- This is my 28th year and all have been at Terraset!

I love Terraset and miss seeing all the kids and teachers every day!


Hey Teachers! You should have received an email with the link to fill out a Teacher Interview Form! Fill it out and maybe we will see you in a future Tiger Talks article!