Tiger Talks

Issue 4

By Arranged and Managed by Brooke and Mrs. Forman
Tiger Talks
January 11, 2021

How to Stay Healthy Part 2

treesBy Maggie

Hi, I'm Maggie and I am going to be telling you about how to be active and how to stay healthy.

One of the resources I use to stay healthy is sports, because it is fun, and because running is a good source of exercise. Fun Fact: Soccer is one of the best sports for running. For kids our age, you should be physically active for at least 40 minutes a day. Push yourself to get up and go for a walk or collect nature. Even more fun, play with friends! Go on a walk with your friends and get some fresh air. You can also go to parks such as trampoline parks, I highly recommend  Clemyjontri park. Have a great day, and remember to stay active!

The Great Man-O-War

By Sasha

manowarThe Man-O-War is also known as the Portuguese Man-Of-War. They are jellyfish with remarkably long tentacles that can extend to 165 feet below the water, but 30 feet is more common (big difference right?!).

 They are covered in venom filled nematocysts* that they use to paralyze and kill small fish and sometimes other small creatures for their meals.

 They are typically 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. Although they are small, they are one of the most dangerous creatures that live in the ocean.

  They mainly live in the Pacific Ocean but are also seen in the Indian Ocean as well as the Atlantic. Researchers are not sure if they are all the same species or they are just closely related to each other because they all carry the same characteristics.

  The Man-O-War has very few predators, and those include: the loggerhead turtle, sunfish, blanket octopus, and the dragon fish. The dragon fish stores the venom from the Man-O-War in its feathered “fingers” to use on future prey.

*a nematocyst is a specialized cell in the tentacles of jellyfish containing a barbed or venomous coiled thread that protects itself and/or gets itself food.

Link I used for research

Chris's Journey Part 2

By Brooke

jaguarI fell asleep quickly after Hubert stuck a needle into my beautiful coat. I awoke to a concrete room with a door. I slammed into it, each time feeling the pain but then remembering the pain that came from losing Mama. I kept at it until Nolan came to check on me. He took one look at me and said “That’s one angry jaguar! Don’t know what’s up, but in about an hour he will be replaced for money.” Hubert walked up and put me in the dreaded net yet again. He took me to the back of his truck, very familiar and very maroon colored, and drove off. I fell asleep and 15 minutes later I awoke to the sound of screaming “I want him, mommy, I want him!” There was a little girl standing in front of me with cotton candy all over her face. Her mom was shaking her head. “No, Lizzy, that animal should be free and in the wild. I don’t know why it’s here, but it’s not like a house cat. That’s a jaguar, a wild animal.” With that, Lizzy was dragged away from me and I was alone. “I’m Ranger Tom, sir, and you shouldn't have that jaguar here. I’m taking him by law. You are going to jail for imprisoning a wild animal.” A man with a vest on said, apparently named Ranger Tom. Three men rushed from behind and snapped handcuffs on Nolan and Hubert. He coaxed me into his truck, giving me chunks of lamb the whole way there. It felt so good, after sitting hungry in the concrete room for three days. He drove me away from the fair and towards a large building. Inside there was prey of every kind, but he rushed me past them all. We walked until we found a large green door with the paint chipping off. Tom opened the door and said “This is your temporary home.”

Read more of Chris’s Journey in the next edition of Tiger Talks!

Click here to learn more about deforestation prevention. Please read to understand what’s happening and help save our earth.

Weird But True Weekly

  1. Wearing headphones for just an hour can increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
  2. Some lipsticks contain fish scales.
  3. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.
  4. A shark is the only known fish that can blink with both eyes.

Weird But Trues Found at- 

(Weird but True Website)

Days of the Week

  • January 13th (Make your dreams come true day, Rubber duck day, clean off your desk day)
  • January 14th (Dress up your pet day)
  • January 15th (National bagel day, National hat day)
  • January 16th (National Fig newton day)
  • Martin Luther King Junior day, no school!)

Teacher Interviews

Mrs. Regan

mrs reganJob- Art Teacher

Q- Do you have any children, and would you like to share about them?

A- I have two sons, one is in college and one is a senior in high school. One plays lacrosse and one loves drawing.

Q- Do you have any pets?

A- 2 dogs, Fenton and 8 year old mixed breed, and Churro, a one year old Spanish Water Dog

Q- What is your favorite country/city/town and why?

A- Hard to say. I've been lucky to have traveled to and lived in some interesting places. I think my two favorites are Zanzibar and Majorca. Both are beautiful islands.


Mr. Gayl

mr gaylJob- 5th and 6th grade Instructional Assistant and Ambassadors

Q- What college did you go to?

A- Kutztown University.

Q- What is your favorite restaurant?

A- Sweet Water Tavern

Q- Do you have a favorite subject? If so, what is it?

A- Yes, History!

Q- What is your favorite country/city/town, and why?

A- Barcelona, Spain (You have to go to experience why!)

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