Tiger Talks

Issue 2

By Arranged and Managed by Brooke and Mrs. Forman
Tiger Talks
January 04, 2021

Chris's Journey Part One

By Brooke

I awoke, eyes wide open, to a strange sound outside. The birds were chirping, but that wasn’t what I heard. I heard the buzzing of a saw and the crack of a tree as it fell down. The woodcutters were chopping down the forest! My mama called out to me “Chris, they are destroying the forest!” I muttered back “You think I didn’t already figure that out?” Mama didn’t like that “Watch your attitude, young man.” She snapped. I slunk back into a corner. Mama could be ferocious when she wanted to be. “Look over there, Hubert!” cried the woodcutter “It’s a leopard!” I rolled my eyes. Everyone confused us for leopards. “Nolan, I think that’s a jaguar.” said the creature named Hubert. “Leopards don’t live over here from what I know.” Now it was Nolan’s turn to roll his eyes. “Whatever.” he said. “Think if we can get him captured we can bring him to somewhere that people will pay lots of cash for him’?” Hubert’s eyes began to glint, as if picturing the money. “Ahh, money. That is what we shall do.” So Nolan ran back to grab a net. Tsk. As if a little net could catch a  powerful male jaguar like me. Hubert and Nolan each wrestled with the net, trying to straighten it out, and then started to sneak towards me. I looked towards Mama for help, in case I needed it, but she was nowhere to be found. “Mama?” I called out, sounding worried. “Mama?” No response. The woods were silent. Then Hubert and Nolan caught me by surprise, and trapped me! I tried to fight back with no luck. They plopped me in the back of their truck. I saw Mama’s tail, and her voice calling out “Chris! My son! Come back here!” She sounded filled with worry. But that was the last bit I saw of her that day, because Hubert stepped on the gas and we sped away.

Read more of Chris’s Journey in the next edition of Tiger Talks!

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Computer Customization By Leah

Click the photos above to see the screenshots and read about each step.

Credits: all of the images are screenshots taken by me after searching up how to take a screenshot on a dell.

Backyard Animals

By Sebastian


Squirrels like environments that have trees,  are not too hot (or too cold), and have some acorns or people (to feed them peanuts.) :)

Squirrels love peanuts and walnuts. I know this from all the squirrels that come to my deck. Every time they come, they come to the window begging for food. But it is not healthy for the squirrels to depend on you for food, so that is why I don’t feed them often.


Racoons are sneaky. The reason they’ve got stripes and a bandit mask is so they can blend in the dark nighttime.

Racoons like chickens. (maybe not all of them) We like to feed the racoon that comes to our deck (he doesn’t come often). And give him some chicken. He likes it. 

When it is bbq night we give the bones to the racoons and foxes. (Apparently there is a vitamin in the middle of the bone they like.)

But never try to feed a racoon by hand or the result will be.... REEECH  SCRATCH RAR!!!! So don’t try to feed a raccoon by hand.


Weird But True Weekly

  1. Most people fall asleep in 7 minutes.
  2. A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. 
  3. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.
  4. The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world.

Weird But Trues Found at- 

(Weird but True Website)

Days of the Week

January 4- Spaghetti day, trivia day

January 5- National bird day

January 6- National cuddle up day

January 7- Bobblehead day

January 9- Static electricity day

Teacher Interviews

mrs boydMrs. Boyd

Job- School-Based Technology Specialist

Q- Do you have any children, and would you like to share about them?

A- Jackson, my son, is ten months old. He loves crawling and playing with food.

Q- What is your favorite food?

A- Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Q-Do you have any pets?

A- Walker, my dog, is an Airedale. He is very tall and goofy. He bit off part of his tongue as a puppy!


ms garrettMs. Garrett

Job- Fourth Grade Teacher 

Q- Do you have any children, and would you like to share about them?

A- I have a 21 year old son Joshua who will graduate from Virginia Tech and join the Army Corps of Engineers next summer and a 20 year old daughter at VCU in Richmond who will graduate in May in Psychology.  This winter vacation we are hiking down and camping in the Grand Canyon.

Q- Do you have any pets?

A- I am also the mom to Orange and Tina my seven year old cats and the grandma to Thor and Penny my children's two year old pups.

Q- What is your favorite country/city/town, and why?

A- Heidelberg, Germany is my favorite city because it is a magical city overlooked by a huge castle and framed by the Neckar River. The streets are cobblestones, the buildings half-timbered, and the smells of yummy foods are all encompassing:)

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