Tiger Talks

Issue 1

By Arranged and Managed by Brooke and Mrs. Forman
Tiger Talks
December 07, 2020

How to Stay Healthy: Part Onephoto of water pouring

By Maggie

Hi, I am Maggie and I am going to be talking about how to stay healthy. One of the things you should do to stay healthy is to drink enough water. When you are drinking water, you are putting it into your body, and you need water to survive. Usually if you haven't drank water in 3+ days you will have headaches and feel lightheaded. It is very important to drink water after you do something to be active, whether it's running, playing a sport, PE and lots more. Different peoples’ weight can change the amount of water you should drink. If you are 60 pounds or less like me, I would drink 2 or 3 glasses of water a day. Also, there is such a thing as drinking too much water. When you drink too much water, your kidneys can't get rid of the excess water in your body, so you should be mindful of how much water you drink.

Crafts: Part One

By Connor                               

Hi, I am Connor, and today I am going to show you some cool crafts to do!

Here is a cool craft on how to squeeze a watermelon. The materials are one  watermelon and some rubber bands. Warning- Go outside to do this!

Step One- Put 10 rubber bands on at a time.

Step Two-To ensure your safety, step back when you feel like it will burst.

Step Three- Watch your watermelon explode!

Here is a craft where you can make a mummy. 

The materials you will need are 1 piece of paper, a roll of yarn, tape and scissors, 

Step One- Cut out a stickman however you want it to look.

Step Two- Tape one end of yarn to the back of the cut out figure and wrap it up until it is covered. 

There you have it!

Happy crafting! Bye tigers!

If you would like, send a picture or video of you making these crafts to Tiger Talks by emailing it to @email and it may be featured in a future WTER intro video! Go tigers!

Footballphoto of football

By Stephen 

Hi, I’m Stephen and I will be telling you some cool facts you may not know about football! Football is a fun sport you can play with friends and family. Due to Covid-19, lots of football games are cancelled.  If you have siblings, then you could ask them if they can play with you. Football is a game where there are two goals on each side of a 100 yard long field. Each of the goals is ten feet deep. This is how long the NFL football fields are. If you were wondering, the NFL stands for national football league. There is also something in football called the AFC, which some of you may know, and it stands for the american football conference. Of course you cannot forget about the AFL, that is important too! Most of you were probably thinking that it stands for the american football league. Well, you thought right! There are 32 teams in the U.S. The team that  plays for D.C. (and Virginia since Virginia doesn’t have their own team) used to be the Redskins but currently they are switching the name because it is offensive to Native Americans, and their new name has not been decided yet. That's all for now. Hope you had fun learning about some football facts! Bye!

Pygmy Slow Lorises: Part Onephoto of pygmy slow loris

By Sasha

“Aww, so cute! Ack, it bit me!”

These feisty little cuties are so adorable but very deadly.

A Pygmy Slow Loris can weigh up to 15 oz and a Bengal Slow loris can weigh up to 2.5 lbs.

Slow lorises are in the Lorisidae family which includes lorises, galagos and pottos. Lorises and pottos have thick, wooly fur, darker on the back than the venter. Their eyes are large and directed forward.  Their scientific name is Nycticebus pygmaeus. 

Mother lorises give birth every 12 to 18 months, producing one or two offspring per litter. Their young are called, wait for it… Baby slow lorises!

The slow loris has a bite so dangerous  its venom can kill. Currently there is no known cure. It is still not clear for what reason the slow loris is venomous. 

These cuties have venom glands in their mouth and in their inner arms so that when they lick their armpit (Eww!), it mixes the already deadly venom glands in its mouth with the venom glands in its armpit, which creates enough venom to kill a full grown adult! They have special face markings which warn other animals to back off and alert them that they are dangerous, but are sooo adorable to humans!

They are found in the countries of Vietnam, Laos, and Yunnan in China. Their diet consists of: insects, tree gum, small fauna, fruit, and flower nectar.

Did you know that the movement of a slow loris is snake like?! 

Have a great day, Tigers! 

Pandasphoto of panda

By Erin 

A panda’s daily diet is leaves, stems, and of course bamboo. Did you know that pandas only drink water? In the later months, they have all their spots. The cub stays with the mother for 3 years, and then goes on its own. That means the wild panda goes and has 4 cubs of its own. Here are some fun facts about pandas. Did you know that in a Chinese legend, pandas were once a white bear? Also, did you know when baby panda cubs are born they are the size of a stick of butter and have pink skin, a light coat of white fur, a long tail and no teeth. Pandas are powerful and awesome animals. Maybe you will even see them at a zoo one day! Bye tigers!

photo of maskImportance of Masks

By Renee

It is important to wear a mask because we can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has taken a big toll on our lives and wearing masks can help balance it out again. Masks can help protect you, but they actually mostly protect others. If everyone wears a mask then we can all be safe. "If you're talking, when things are coming out of your mouth, they're coming out fast," says Linsey Marr, a researcher at Virginia Tech who studies the airborne transmission of viruses. "They're going to slam into the cloth mask. I think even a low-quality mask can block a lot of those droplets." Masks can help stop the spread, so please get one now!

Weird But True Weekly

1. “Stewardesses” is the longest word (when using correct typing technique) that is typed only with the left hand.

2. Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

3. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

4. If you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib.

Weird But Trues Found at- (Weird but True Website)

Days of the Week

Dec. 8- Pretend to be a time traveler day, toilet paper appreciation day.

Dec. 10- Hanukkah (10-18), Dewey Decimal system day, nobel prize day.

Dec. 11- Kaleidoscope day

Dec. 12- Gingerbread Decoration/Gingerbread house day

Dec. 13-Hot Cocoa Day

Teacher Interviews

Mrs. Forman

Job- Reading Specialist

Q. Do you have any kids?

A. Yes, I have two daughters. The older is the Theatre teacher at SLHS. The younger one is going to be a teacher. Maybe she will be your teacher one day!

Q. What is your favorite country/city/town and why?

A. Staunton Va! It has a wonderful theatre and great restaurants and shops, and is a beautiful town with lots of trees and mountains nearby.

Fun Facts- I have lived in the same house in Reston for almost thirty years! I sometimes read four books at the same time!

Mrs. Grumbach

Job- Sixth Grade Teacher

Q. Do you have any kids?

A.  I have two boys. Nate, my oldest, is almost 5 years old. He loves all things Star Wars and enjoys fishing and playing baseball with his dad. Jack is my youngest, he turns 2 in May. He loves making monster noises and playing with trains.

Q. Do you have a favorite subject? Why is it your favorite?

A. Math is my favorite subject. I love the challenge of problem solving and finding multiple ways to arrive at one answer. It allows you to be creative in your approach, but offers little flexibility when getting the right answer. It's simple and direct, you either get it right or you get it wrong!

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I rescued a dog when I first became a teacher. Her name is Sophie. She is a Miniature Schnauzer mix and is about 12 years old.