Specialists Newsletter

September 28, 2021

By Specialists Team
September 28, 2021


  • Kindergarten artists are painting fall scenes.
  • First grade artists are making fall leaf collages.
  • Second grade artists are making butterflies with painted paper.
  • Third grade artists are making collages about their favorite foods.
  • Fourth grade artists are using oil pastels to draw Virginia landscapes
  • Fifth grade artists are making landscape collages that show an illusion of depth.
  • Sixth grade artists are making a themed folded book using kirigami and mixed media. 

Students wear smocks in art when painting - but to be safest it’s best if students are in washable clothing on their art day.


In Mr. Andert’s Class:

All classes finalized the music room rules for the year. They are: 1) Be kind and respect others; 2) Be safe and ready to learn; 3) Take care of the music room and instruments; 4) Stay healthy. 

K - Students are working on finding their “singing voice” (head voice). We have been finding the steady beat of a song (have your child try to find the beat to a song at home!). All students now know our school song - Terraset Tiger Pride! Have them teach you the song and movements at home. 

1st - Students are learning about dynamics - piano (quiet) and forte (loud). We are playing our first singing game - “Doggie, Doggie.” This week students are going to start learning about our classroom xylophones and how to use them properly. 

2nd - Students are continuing our unit based on the story “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Students have begun learning to play a simple melody on xylophones. They are very excited to use the instruments. This week we will extend the unit and add an accompaniment part to the song (bordun), as well as improvise so students can create their OWN music. 

3rd - We sang our first round (Frere Jacques) and students can sing it confidently in two groups. We also performed our body percussion piece, “Alpha 4” for our homeroom teachers. We are beginning our first xylophone piece called “Bobby Shaftoe.” Students will learn the melody, an accompaniment part, an ostinato and, finally, they will get to improvise a B section to the song.

4th - We sang a round called “To Stop the Train.” Classes created their own movements to the song and we performed it in 3 parts. We also performed our body percussion piece “Tiger Melon Stomp!” for our homeroom teachers and other guests. We also started our first piece for xylophone, the West African song, “Funga Alafia.” Students are learning the melody. We will also add two accompaniment parts. This one will get stuck in your head! Also, this week, orchestra begins! Each class will have a day to see Mrs. Stanley. All non-instrument students will have an extra special (PE, art or general music). 

5th - Students finished learning a round called “Bottle Pop.” They also performed a body percussion piece called “The Song Without Words.” We will begin a new unit today - a xylophone piece called “Ding Dong.” This week, orchestra and band begins! Students will now attend specials in a mixed group - not by homeroom. Each class will have a day to see Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Robinson. All non-instrument students will meet with Mr. Andert for a special small group general music class.


In LTC all students have started  little by little with our projects in Spanish per grade level.

Please ask your kid about it. 






Physical Education

In PE students are working on Throwing and Catching skills and will participate in activities and games that reinforce those skills. (Below is a list of games they may play)

  • K-3 (Clean out your backyard, Ocean Rescue, Pin Elimination, Battleships, Oscars Garbage Can)
  • Gr. 4-6 (Modified Football Games, Team Handball)


  • This week for Kindergarten Ms. Perkins is going over ‘Little, Medium & Big Problems’ as well as the steps involved in solving them. Next week, they will begin the Kimoji social emotional learning curriculum.
  • The guidance topic for Mrs. Palatucci’s 1st grade classes are Boundaries and Personal Space for this week.  Next week, the topic will be Bullying and Teasing and how to address them when they occur.
  • Second and Fifth grades will be working on conflict resolution skills.

The Fish Bowl- Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades

  • Students were excited to greet the newest member of the fish bowl, our Beta fish, name still TBD.  K and 1st finished their graphing exercise by creating bar graphs of their favorite foods and colors.  They extended the lesson by working as a team to categorize a bucket of shapes, tallying the results, creating a bar graph to visualize the data, and then analyzing the graph to find the least and greatest, comparing, and utilizing their mathematical thinking to find the difference between data points.
  • After reading The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown, 2nd grade classes identified the pattern in each poem and created their own Important poems.
  • We are hosting a FCPS Advanced Academic Program Parent Information Night on Wednesday, 9/29, 5:30 - 6:30 pm in the Terraset library.