Specialists Newsletter

November 30, 2021

By Specialists Team
November 30, 2021


All grades will be doing some painting in the next few weeks. We have smocks available, but please make sure your students are not in their best clothing on art days.


Mr. Andert’s Music Classes

  • Kindergarten - Students have created a melodic pattern using the notes sol and mi of the major scale. They will be sent home within the next week. Have them sing you their patterns! We also sang some Thanksgiving songs.
  • 1st Grade - Students are finishing up a piece called “Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown.” They learned to sing it, play a simple xylophone part along to it, and pretended they were leaves and created movements resembling falling off a tree.
  • 2nd Grade - Students learned a Veterans Day song called, “Thank You, Soldiers.”  They also created their own movements as a class to a Thanksgiving piece called, “A Turkey Named Bert.”
  • 3rd Grade - Students are learning to read the notes on the treble clef staff. They also learned a Thanksgiving song called, “The Gobble Song.”
  • 4th Grade - Students are learning to read the notes on the treble clef staff. They also learned a Thanksgiving song called, “A Thanksgiving Day Canon.”
  • 5th Grade - Students started a unit on Opera, and The Magic Flute by W.A. Mozart. They are also learning an Israeli Folk Song entitled, “Zum Gali Gali.”


In LTC  students are working on their communication, reading and writing skills as well as their listening skills. Their projects are more than half way covered for this second quarter. Many students already started working on their oral presentations and creations that will back up their projects in December. All electronic notebooks for grades 3,5,and 6 are in their Schoology account under the LTC course. 

This document will be related to the semester project and each student will have the opportunity to: 1) review what is covered in class. 2) do some assignments in class  or at any time; and share with me work to get extra points for 2nd Q 3) organize the end of semester (2ndQ) presentation: for grades 3/5/6. 

Please ask your kid about his/her grade level project.  






Physical Education

In PE students are working on Throwing and Catching skills and will participate in activities and games that reinforce those skills. (Below is a list of games they may play)

  • K-3 (Flip Hoop, Pin Elimination, Next up)
  • Gr. 4-6 We are finishing up our fitness testing for the 1st qtr. Students will be assessed on the Pacer, Push-ups and Curl-ups in the next 2 weeks.  We will continue with throwing and catching activities. (Modified Football Games, Team Handball)


For grades 1 - 6, the classes will be visiting the book fair since it is being held this week.    Next week, grades K and 1st will continue with the Kimochi’s curriculum.  Grades 2 - 6th do not meet next week for guidance.

The Fish Bowl- Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades

  • Kindergartners demonstrated their mathematical skills by ordering numbers from least to greatest, identifying the least, middle, and greatest numbers, and then finding the difference between two numbers.
  • 1st grade classes have been working on identifying the characteristics of geometric shapes by composing and decomposing shapes.
  • All 2nd graders continued to work on their Geography Ozobot projects.  The latest step was deciding the path their Ozobot would take from one continent to the next and beginning to write their presentation scripts.