LTC "Make-A-Book About..."

By Marisol Calvache-Vu
June 09, 2021

“The Make-A-Book About…”, our grade level Project, was a challenge for 4th grade and 5th grade students in LTC. Students designed their own books using technology based on what we learned in Spanish classes, 30 minutes once a week. Some of these students attended our classes virtually and others in-person.

Their creativity is shown in every single authentic, diverse, interesting, and colorful book. Each page has been recorded too.

The fourth grade project is about A BODY OF WATER. Each student chose a body of water of his/her  choice; and described it by using adjectives,  the weather, season, clothing, interesting fact, what can be found in terms of food and drinks; and activities he/she can do with friends in that specific place.

The fifth grade project is about AN ANIMAL IN THE OCEAN. Each student chose an animal from the ocean that interested him/her. Each animal has been described by color, shape, size, what part of the ocean it lives, what type of food can eat and interesting fact about the animal.   

Below are links to Terraset books made in Spanish by students in 4th and 5th grade.

4th Graders

5th Graders