2nd Grade Newsletter

October 12, 2021

By 2nd Grade Team
2nd Grade
October 12, 2021

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Our 2nd grade readers continue developing ideas about characters, and they are learning to support their ideas with evidence from the text. They are also learning to change their expression while reading to match how the character feels and make dialogue sound like the character who is talking.
  • As writers, students will be learning how to elaborate to add more to their personal narratives. Students will be learning how to add dialogue as well as thoughts, feelings, and actions!
  • In word study, students are learning to read and write words with the 2 sounds of the vowel pair ea and the 2 sounds of the vowel pair oo.

Home/School Connection

Supporting Your Child with Selecting Books

In order to progress as readers, students need multiple opportunities to read books at their independent reading level (“just right” books).  Experts have discovered that even very young students can read for extended periods of time when they are matched with books that they can read with 95% or higher word accuracy rate, and they are more successful when reading books that interest them.

Here are some helpful criteria to help your child determine if a book is “just right”:

1.     I  like this book.

2.     I can read most of the words.

3.     I understand it. I could tell someone about it.

Also, to help your child recognize when a text is too difficult, ask:

  1. Are there five or more words on a page that I don’t know?
  2. Is this book hard to understand?
  3. When I read it does it sound choppy and slow?


What are we learning?

  • We will start our second math unit which will focus on reading, writing, and identify the place values.
  • We will learn how to identify a number that is 10 more and 10 less than a given number. 
  • We will continue working on comparing and ordering whole numbers.

Home/School Connection

  • Continue with counting collections and organizing objects into groups!
  • Encourage your student to create different groups: 2s, 5s, and 10s.


What are we learning?

  • We released our 6 butterflies on Monday! We had two more that were released on Tuesday! This was an amazing unit for the students to investigate and observe the Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

  • Students are still investigating and understanding that weather patterns and seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and their surroundings.

Home/School Connection

  • Students can draw the changes an oak tree goes through in each of the 4 seasons. They can label each season.

Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • We are continuing to learn about the world map and use it to identify and locate the different seven continents and five oceans.

Home/School Connection

  • Talk about what countries are in North America.
  • Using a map or globe (online map works too), encourage students to locate where they are in North America.

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