1st Grade Newsletter

March 23, 2021

By 1st Grade Team
1st Grade
March 23, 2021

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Respond to a variety of poems through movement, performance, or participation in order to discover their personal interests and tastes in poetry.
  • Through multiple readings, readers explain their personal interpretation.
  • Determine whether they agree with the ideas in the text.
  • Poets use tools (rhythm, repetition, line-breaks) to express feelings and experiences.
  • Use multiple sources of information in order to solve, monitor, self-correct, and confirm.
  • Use known words and word parts to read new words.

Home/School Connection

  • Read a poem and illustrate it.
  • Write a funny poem with rhyming words. Use the poem Avocado? Avocado! For inspiration.


What are we learning?


  • Represent and solve practical problems involving equal sharing with two or four sharers.
  • Represent and name fractions for halves and fourths, using models.

Home/School Connection


  • Create a commercial explaining how fractions (halves) are used in real life.
  • Look at a recipe book. See how many fractions you can find in the ingredients list.


What are we learning?


  • Plants and animals can be classified according to a variety of characteristics
  • Plants need nutrients, air, water, light, and a place to grow
  • Plants have parts with specific functions
  • Changes in temperature, light, and precipitation affect plants and animals, including humans
  • There are relationships between daily and seasonal changes

Home/School Connection

  • Design your own green house or garden. Think about the 5 needs of a plant to make sure it has what it needs to grow!

Social Studies

What are we learning?


  • Apply the traits of a good citizen, on and offline, by:
  • Focusing on fair play, good sportsmanship, helping others, treating others with respect
  • Recognizing the purpose of rules and practicing self-control

Home/School Connection

Make a poster describing how to be a leader at home or in school. Think about how you can help others and treat others with respect.

Important Dates and Reminders

  • Spring Break - March 29-April 2

Positivity Project

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