1st Grade Newsletter

October 12, 2021

By 1st Grade Team
1st Grade
October 12, 2021

Language Arts

What are we learning?

  • Learning about Print Through Characters
  • Writing Personal Narratives
  • Initial and Final Blends

Home/School Connection

  • After reading a book, ask your student “what can we learn from that character?” or “which character would you want to be friends with? Why?”
  • Writers are learning to share stories about their lives. How can writers help others to understand their stories? On Mondays, help your student think of what they are going to write about for weekend news.
  • See below for how to play the blend game with your reader!


What are we learning?

  • Addition and Subtraction

Home/School Connection

  • Have students create a story problem (word problem) about an adding sentence. Example: There were 3 dogs at the park. 2 dogs came to the park. How many dogs are there altogether?
  • If you have blocks or legos, you can have them create their story problem using items?


What are we learning?

  • Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Home/School Connection

  • Go on a walk around the neighborhood. Find leaves on the ground. Decide if they are deciduous or evergreen. Evergreen trees typically do not lose their leaves so you most likely will only find deciduous leaves.

Social Studies

What are we learning?

  • Being a Virginian

Home/School Connection

  • Discuss Virginia’s state symbols:
    • the flag of Virginia
    • flowering dogwood (state tree)
    • dogwood blossom (state flower)
    • cardinal (state bird)

Important Dates & Reminders

  • Spirit Week: October 12th-15th, 2021
    • Tuesday: Sports Day
    • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
    • Thursday: Pajama Day
    • Friday: Terraset Pride Day
  • Two Hour Early Release: October 29th
  • Teacher Work Days (no school for students): Monday, November 1st and Tuesday, November 2nd
  • Conferences will be held in the next couple weeks. Your student’s teacher will email you more information.

Positivity Project

Week of:

  • 10/10 - Integrity
  • 10/17 - Forgiveness
  • First graders will start to use the renowned Kimochi’s program during their Guidance specials class.  This was made possible by a grant from Educate Fairfax!

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